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Nos-E: Electric Power for the Highlight DLG

Our airfield (St.Gallen, Switzerland) is unfortunatly not well suited for hand-launched gliders. With winds from west the areas where you can catch a thermal are too high and too far away. No chance to throw my Highlight into this zone.

Recently I bought wonderful 450mAh  LiPos (max. draw 6.75A) and a 22mm CDROM brushless from  AS-Modellbau . An old pusher prop from a Graupner Tipsy (4.7"x2.3") was also still waiting for better times.

After some research in the internet and with a little help from my friends in the RC Line forum ( the list of components looked like this:

Weight of the power system 90g, total weight 380g.

I used the  Hyperion E-Meter to optimize the design.  Here the data of a test run:


This is the output of the an ingenious program written by Helmut Schenk und Christian Person ( -> Antriebsrechner).

kenndaten :


All calculations indicated enough thrust for a nice climb.
A "hotter" version of this motor is possible (0.4mm wire, 16 W, delta, 17500 U/min, 6.4 A - but this is really hard at the edge of the specs of the batteries and the prop).

All components are integrated into a pylon. The Nos-E does not move the center or gravity and can be removed easily.
The pylon is made from balsa wood, enforced with cevlar rovings.


The plyon is covered with Oracover-Stick.

Conclusion: The Nos-E turns the Highlight DLG into a high-performance electrical glider. Running time of the motor is 5 to 6min - this is enough to fly 20 min without thermal influence ;-)  Even the mountains of Fiss/Tyrol the NosE and the Highlight was a perfect combination.


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